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  • Reversing Financial Course

    Facing financial hardships and unforeseen obstacles can impact anyone, regardless of their prior circumstances.

    If you are gasping for air due to the overwhelming onslaught of debts and financial obligations, such as credit card debt, medical bills, or the aftermath of unexpected job loss, bankruptcy can serve as your lifebuoy.

    Unfortunately, bankruptcy is often misconstrued merely as a desperate measure people take when hitting rock bottom. However, it can actually be a way to reverse course financially.

    Rather than viewing bankruptcy as a defeat, consider it an opportunity to regain control and pave the way for a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy does not have to be a sign of failure but can instead be a sign of proactively regaining control over your finances and establishing a more secure path forward. It provides various options to address your financial difficulties, including debt restructuring and the opportunity for a new beginning.

    Kindlund Legal LLC is a bankruptcy law firm dedicated to providing guidance for people in this exact situation. Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Jillian Kindlund uses her over three decades of experience as a bankruptcy law attorney to serve people just like you in Wheaton, Maryland. Jillian’s comprehensive legal services can help you navigate the complexities of bankruptcy and achieve a fresh start on your financial journey.

    Kindlund Legal LLC offers tailored services, no matter the circumstances. Whether individuals or small businesses in need of small business bankruptcy attorneys, our experienced team will ensure you receive the appropriate guidance and support to navigate your unique situation. You can rely on Kindlund Legal LLC to provide the representation and advocacy you need to move forward confidently.

    How Your Kindlund Legal LLC Bankruptcy Lawyer Helps You

    There are significant advantages to having a bankruptcy lawyer by your side that you forfeit if you represent yourself or handle your case without professional assistance. Working with an experienced bankruptcy law attorney such as Jillian Kindlund can help you navigate potential pitfalls and protect your chances of success. We serve you in the following case types:

    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides businesses with the opportunity to restructure their debts and maintain operations while gradually repaying creditors. It serves as a valuable resource for businesses navigating financial challenges and enables them to emerge as more financially resilient entities.

    Individual Chapter 11

    Individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy is designed to assist individuals burdened with substantial debt in restructuring their financial obligations and repaying creditors over an extended duration, typically spanning three to five years. If you are a high-income earner grappling with overwhelming debt, this form of bankruptcy may offer a viable solution to regain control of your financial situation.

    Commercial Litigation

    Commercial litigation involves resolving disputes arising from conflicts between businesses or businesses and individuals. This multifaceted field of law covers various matters, including breach of contract, business torts, intellectual property disputes, employment conflicts, and liquidation of the debtor’s assets, among others. If you face such challenges in Wheaton, Maryland, we can provide guidance to assess whether pursuing commercial litigation is the appropriate course of action for your situation.

    Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are distinct forms of bankruptcy designed to address financial challenges faced by individuals and businesses. Chapter 7 involves liquidation, where assets are sold to settle debts. In contrast, Chapter 13 offers a reorganization approach, allowing individuals with a steady income to create a repayment plan spanning a specific timeframe. A specialized bankruptcy attorney, such as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney from Kindlund Legal LLC, can assess your circumstances and guide you toward the most suitable chapter to pursue.

    Clawback Litigation

    Clawback litigation provides a legal avenue to reclaim assets that were transferred by a financially distressed company or individual to creditors or insiders before filing for bankruptcy. This process entails retrieving these assets by the bankruptcy trustee or other authorized entities, aiming to benefit the bankrupt estate and its creditors.

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