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    Does mounting debt have you feeling stuck? Learn more about your options with help from Kindlund Legal LLC!

    Facing an increasing amount of debt can be scary, especially when it starts impacting other areas of your life, such as your career or your loved ones. If you are burdened by significant debt, it is essential to know that there are options available to help you move forward and improve your circumstances.

    Regardless of how you got into debt, our debt settlement attorneys can help you get out of this difficult situation. At Kindlund Legal LLC, we understand the extreme stress that arises when you are dealing with financial challenges, and our legal team is here to help. If you need financial assistance in the Montpelier, MD, area, you can find the solutions you are seeking from Kindlund Legal LLC.

    How Is Debt Settlement Different From Bankruptcy?

    Both bankruptcy and debt settlement have the end goal of reducing or eliminating your debt and improving your financial situation. However, they work in very different ways. While they can both be useful, you should work with your attorney to determine which one is better for you.

    Bankruptcy is a process that is completed through the court system, which has pros and cons. Depending on which type of bankruptcy you decide to file, you may be able to have the entirety of your debts discharged. However, it can be an arduous process, and you may have to give up some of your assets.

    Debt settlement involves negotiations directly with your lenders. Because you do not have to go through an official legal process through the courts, the negotiations could happen much faster than through bankruptcy. However, you will not have the same legal protections you will receive through bankruptcy, such as an automatic stay on your accounts or stopping calls from collection companies.

    How Can A Maryland Debt Settlement Attorney Help Me With My Finances?

    A debt settlement lawyer can assist you with a variety of situations related to your finances. One of our primary objectives is to work on your behalf as a debt negotiation lawyer. We can contact companies you owe money to and negotiate lower rates, payment plans, or decrease the amount you owe. In addition, we can represent you in court if a company attempts to sue you for the money you owe them or files a lawsuit against you.

    Our attorneys have experience with both debt negotiation and bankruptcy, and we can help you understand which option would be best for you. We will also make sure that the companies you owe money are not overstepping their bounds and that your legal rights are being protected. If you need a debt settlement or credit card debt relief lawyer, the team at Kindlund Legal LLC is ready to provide you with qualified legal support.

    What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Debt Settlement Instead Of Bankruptcy?

    There are several benefits of debt settlement that can make it a better choice than bankruptcy. First, using debt settlement strategies can be more affordable than bankruptcy, which is crucial when you are already experiencing financial troubles. You must qualify in order to file for bankruptcy, whereas debt settlement has no eligibility requirements.

    In addition, while it can lower your credit score, debt settlement typically has less of an impact on your credit score compared with bankruptcy, which leaves you in a better position to improve your finances. Overall, debt settlement is a less public process than bankruptcy, which can be important if you wish to keep your financial affairs private.

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    If you are struggling to pay down your debt, it’s important to remember that you are not alone and that there are solutions available for you. Debt is common in the United States, and there are many ways to make your financial situation better, including filing for bankruptcy or working with a debt consolidation lawyer.

    Our firm understands the serious nature of financial hardship, and we are committed to serving clients in the Montpelier, MD, area by providing debt relief options. Contact our office today at (240) 997-5775 to obtain legal help from a professional and trusted debt & bankruptcy lawyer. Call Kindlund Legal LLC now to get the relief you are seeking!

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