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Former Chapter 7 Trustee

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  • Attorney Endorsements

    “I endorse this lawyer for her dedication to debtor’s rights. Ms. Aylward has represented the interests of our mutual clients with competence and compassion. She has helped many clients get a fresh start, whether through a much-needed loan modification or through bankruptcy or other alternative approaches.”

    Scott B., Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “Jillian is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of bankruptcy law and debt settlements. She has successfully represented many clients throughout the bankruptcy process and understands the nuances that bankruptcy entails. She is fully dedicated to her clients and is a great person to work with.”

    Shikha P., Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “I endorse this lawyer. An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community.”

    John O’B., Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “I’ve known Attorney Jillian Aylward for 20 years. In Boston, she enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a “go to” practitioner in all bankruptcy matters. I referred several matters to Jillian, and she handled them in an exceptional manner. I unqualifiedly endorse this lawyer.”

    Brian G., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

    “Jillian is extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to her clients. She is my go-to person for all bankruptcy issues.”

    Louis L., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

    “Jillian is thoroughly knowledgeable about bankruptcy law and has a wide breadth of experience, having served as Chapter 7 Trustee for many years and represented both debtors and creditors. As a result, she offers insight and perspective to her clients that many other attorneys cannot. I endorse this lawyer.”

    Nancy S., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

    “I endorse Jillian Aylward. We are both members of NACBA and another legal practice listserv. While I have not met her in person, Ms. Aylward’s posts always show a good understanding of the relevant law and genuine concern for her client’s interests. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a family member in need of bankruptcy representation.”

    Bret N., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

    “I endorse this lawyer. We are in the same listserve, very knowledgeable.”

    Bandita S., Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “Jillian Aylward’s office provides a full range of debt relief options. She is dedicated to working with her clients to craft a personalized solution to their financial difficulties.”

    Virginia S., Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “Is a zealous advocate for her clients. Call her and you can trust you will be treated fairly and represented with the highest degree of competence.”

    Robert Nahoum

    “I endorse this lawyer. Jillian is a fellow member of NACBA, which immediately commends her highly. I have reviewed the content of her website. Her presentation resonates with me because it is comprehensive, yet written in a way that makes the information accessible to the reader. With the changes in the law in 2005 still sinking in with so many newer practitioners, I’d say twenty-five years’ experience is a huge plus when looking for an expert at this work.”

    Paul S., Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

    “I endorse this lawyer. Jillian works closely with her clients and keeps an eye on costs. I highly recommend her for any bankruptcy issues you may have.”

    Cory Z., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

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