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  • Client Testimonials

    "Attorney Jillian and her company did an amazing job in representing me. She was very understanding and easy to communicate with. Some attorneys are just out for the money; but don’t have a real interest in their clients."A Satisfied Client
    "Attorney Jillian kept me abreast of the case and worked out an affordable repayment plan. Good, I would use her services again!"Tonya T.
    "Debt settlement can be a stressful process once it reaches the point where courts get involved. This is when attorney representation is crucial. I am so grateful to Attorney Jillian Kindlund for the patience, empathy and professionalism she displayed while working to resolve my case. I would totally recommend Attorney Kindlund to a friend or family member who needs debt settlement representation."Lesley C.
    "Jillian was just superb, and I will use her services again. I have already told her that. Jillian is easy to work with and I found she was very conscious of my time and very responsive."Eugene F.
    "I am satisfied with the results. Kindlund was prompt answering my phone call and taking care of my issue. I am satisfied with the results from kindlund Legal services."George F.
    "She communicated well and kept me informed on the status of my case. Provided knowledge and guidance."Jeremy L.
    "I had the best treatment. I'll definitely recommend her."Anteneh A.
    "All aspects of her services have been great. Overall great."Atilla M.
    "Yes! Jillian with above and beyond on a fraud student loan case for me. She was very compassionate and empathetic. I truly appreciated this during a time of high stress. Jillian was very responsive and used terms I was able to understand about my case. She went above and beyond to help with my settlement."Jasmine W.
    "Respectful, Reliable and Dependable. Excellent"Martia H.
    "Treated with respect and always aware of what was needed and where we were in the process. Jillian was the best choice among the attorneys we interviewed. She took the time in the beginning to make sure we were heading down the correct path and then made sure we got there. Highly recommend using her in the unfortunate situation of a bankruptcy." Michael S.
    Treated with respect and always aware of what was needed and where we were in the process. Jillian was the best choice among the attorneys we interviewed. She took the time in the beginning to make sure we were heading down the correct path and then made sure we got there. Highly recommend using her in the unfortunate situation of a bankruptcy. Michael S.
    "Jillian was very professional and excellent with communication. Also she very detail and great at preparing you as well as knowledgeable in be able to answers any and all your questions and concerns. If you are looking for an attorney definitely want to use Jillian."Sherida C.
    "Jillian was very helpful and knowledgeable. She eased my apprehension of filing for bankruptcy. She made the process easy and kept me abreast to what was happening and what to expect. I highly recommend her services if you are considering bankruptcy."Thomas H.
    "Thank you for all assistance in the bankruptcy process and making this as painless and easy as possible."A Satisfied Client
    "I highly recommend Jillian. When I started this bankruptcy process, I had a different attorney whom I felt was not responsive and didn’t seem to understand my concerns. I couldn’t sleep at night worrying about it. I decided to reach out to Jillian and she made recommendations that I, nor the previous attorney, had proposed. Long story short, Jillian walked me through the steps and like a good advocate, figuratively held my hand along the way. Anytime I had worries or anxiety, I called or text her, and she always reassured me with compassion and realism. She fought for my case behind the scenes. Her disposition is kindness and calmness but I know that she defended me and helped me with zeal and compassion. It’s been a long road but Jillian has been there every step along the way."Rose
    "Jillian always provides a light at the end of the tunnel. Her expertise helped me get through a very difficult period in my life. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I didn’t hire Jillian. She’s still my go to person with dealing with debt related issues. Her ability to get you out of the additional chatter created the focus on the facts at hand are indispensable and a must when dealing with debt collectors. I appreciate all the support she’s provided to my family and I."Yashieka
    "Jillian has represented me in the most professional manner. Her ethics are of the highest standards. Her proficiency, courtesy, knowledge and honesty were very important to me during her time as my attorney. She was always available – in person, by phone, text, or email – with updates and/or recommendations that proved extremely helpful when I needed them. I highly recommend Jillian because she is very efficient at what she does. I would definitely use her services again if I needed them."Mary J.
    "I anticipated bankruptcy to be difficult, confusing, and frightening. Jillian Kindlund, from the beginning, worked tirelessly to calm those concerns. She listened and had compassion. She was organized and informed. I immediately felt better after our first phone conversation and I’m so thankful that I was able to work with her. I can’t imagine having a better experience with an attorney. I’m forever grateful for the help she provided to me and my family."Adam
    "Thank you for reaching out and responding to that initial email of mine. Even though things took a surprisingly positive turn for us…and we were lucky to get approved and get…the money in loans we will never forget you reaching out to us and giving us hope…We greatly appreciate your professional advice and options offered for solving our situation."NG
    "She has been the best! She is always responsive, attentive, and inclusive in the steps that need to be done in my case. She helped me when I did not know where to turn. I will always be grateful for her professionalism, compassion, integrity, and knowledge."Dawne D.
    "Jillian has been very proactive in my case. I greatly appreciate her expertise and care for my family and I. She goes the extra mile to make sure that everything will turn out right. I am thankful for her and her staff."Oscar
    "Jillian stepped into my case when another attorney was dis-barred. She was very professional and understanding of the situation. Jillian picked up the case like it was her own and assisted me through to the end. She was always available, answered all questions, and provide a level of expertise during a very difficult time. We prevailed and I have referred her other individuals based upon her being a genuine nice and knowledgeable person and attorney."A Satisfied Client
    "She got the deal exactly listened to me. She updated me as things progressed."A Satisfied Client
    "Attorney Kindlund has provided legal services for me during an incredibly stressful period and managed my case in a professional, meaningful and successful manner. I had no knowledge and/or understanding of these processes so it was important to have the best legal representation to assist and guide me along the way. I thank God for Ms. Kindlund."Yvette
    "We could not have picked a better lawyer to walk with us through this difficult time. My husband was a high income earner, who changed jobs with promises made that did not pan out. We found ourselves drowning in debt without the income needed to pay it off and after struggling to make things work for almost 2 years, we finally came to the conclusion that we had no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. It was not something we ever saw for ourselves and it was emotionally very difficult. However, from the time we first met with Jillian to discuss our options, to the time we had our meeting with the trustee, and all the in-betweens, she has been responsive, thorough, caring and has given us great advice. It is a nice feeling to know that we can trust her advice and that she has the experience needed to walk us through what was a very difficult decision and a very stressful time in our lives."Allison
    "A few days after my initial contact an appointment was made. I met with Nell, she's good, sharp, and persistent. She was always available when I had questions. I'm very happy with work they did. I had less than 2 weeks before my house sale date (By the foreclosing bank), they stopped the sale, and negotiated a lower monthly mortgage payment for me. I'd definitely recommend the firm."Sasan
    "Jillian was excellent - handled a rather complicated bit of legal work effortlessly and managed to help get everything cleaned up and back on track after my divorce left my credit and bill situation in a complete train wreck! Thanks Jillian! Highly recommend!"Matt
    "Julian professionally and within 24 hours brought mediation with a creditor who was taking legal action. I was very satisfied with the outcome and did not have to go to court."A Satisfied Client
    "Miss Jillian was a rock to my wife from the start We were so stressed out, she calmed her down. She walked us through from the beginning to the end. Detailed step by step everything we needed to have and do in every aspect of the Bankruptcy for the Courts. We will recommend her and her firm to anyone who needs financial help. I only regret we did not get to meet with her in person as I had hope when we both were expected to appear for court, ( she had an associate guide us through the rest of the process.)"Laurie
    "Jillian Kindlund handled my bankruptcy case. She answered all my questions and she very responsive to all my emails and texts. Very thorough with the paper work and filings. She made it a very easy process."Sherrice
    "Words are not enough to said how much appreciated I am with Ms Jillian Kindlund's for her help. she was very honest, kind, she take her time to explain that doing a bankruptcy was just a new beginning for me. I feel very confident after meeting with her for first time. the bankruptcy was the best thing I did to come out from the hard times I was going through. and thanks to Ms Jillian now I am buying my house I have not collection calls no one calling my job. my credit is now almost 800 again. my life is in peace I am very happy. Don't be scary to star a new chapter in your life. I can really tell you that after the bankruptcy it takes not to long for me to get a car loan, apply for a job and not get rejected because my credit. new credit cards and so on things I could never do before. Thank you Thank you Ms Jillian for the support and the amazing job you did for me."Marlene
    "Ms. Kindlund is very knowledgeable and was able to explain the process to me from being to end in a way I could understand. She expressed empathy for what I was going through. I felt totally comfortable through the entire process with her committed guidance."A Satisfied Client
    "I contacted Ms. Kindlund to get help with preventing a wage garnishment from a foreclosed mortgage debt. With her help I was able to prevent any garnishment of my paycheck and even reduce the payment amount of the debt requested. Jillian Kindlund is a great lawyer for me!"Darwin
    "She was very efficient professional in the case. I do recommend her to anybody with a similar issues as mine."Salustiano
    "My apt. complex's rental office was attempting to charge me thousands of dollars for a fire in the laundry dryer that started due to their own lack of maintenance. Jillian did an great job helping to resolve this issue efficiently without having to go to court."A Satisfied Client
    "Jillian took the time to meet us at a convenient location for our initial meeting. She put our minds at ease because although we didn't want to file bankruptcy, she assured that we could start fresh sooner than later. We went through the online credit counseling session, which helped us to learn how to rebuild our credit. Two and a half years later, we are planning to close on our first home. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for excellent customer service, non-judgmental, sound advice and a step in a positive direction. There is life after bankruptcy! Jillian can get you there!"Ebony
    "I hired Jillian to handle my brother's case. He has a speech impediment problem. She was very patient with him while he was trying to talk. She explained the entire process to us, answered all of our questions, and provided us with the filing option to fit his circumstances. She made him feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. The meetings, consultations, and court appearance went smoothly. She is an excellent lawyer! I would definitely recommend her to a family member or friend."Chelton
    "Ms. Kindlund handled my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case professionally, efficiently and compassionately. I felt educated and thoroughly prepared for my Trustee meeting. Of particular note - Jillian handled a hiccup that occurred in the case while she was traveling out of the country! Highly recommend."David
    “I was very satisfied at how timely my case was handled. The staff is all very friendly and even remembered my wife and daughter’s birthday. They advised me step-by-step how everything was going to be processed. I was very satisfied with my experience.”– Michelle R.
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