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  • Facing Financial Hardship In Burtonsville, MD?

    Kindlund Legal LLC stands ready to provide you with the solutions you need to move forward.

    Dealing with debt can be stressful and overwhelming. With all of the repercussions of financial hardship, knowing where to turn may feel difficult. If you find yourself with insurmountable debt, it may be time to consider bankruptcy – a financial tool used by millions to resolve a vast array of issues related to debt.

    A qualified lawyer will play an important role throughout the bankruptcy process. From the beginning, your bankruptcy law attorney will meticulously analyze your financial circumstances and help you establish a viable plan of action. The resources and knowledge that an experienced legal professional can provide will be critical to successfully discharging the debts hanging over your head.

    With over 30 years of experience, Attorney Jillian Kindlund has helped countless individuals get out of debt – and she is prepared to do the same for you. Using her immense knowledge of bankruptcy law, Attorney Jillian Kindlund will provide you with her personal time and attention to come up with proactive solutions to your financial problems.

    Whatever your debt burden may be, Kindlund Legal LLC stands ready to help you through it.

    Why File For Bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy gives you the chance at obtaining a clean financial slate. When bills become too much to manage, bankruptcy is an opportunity to put debts behind you and move toward financial freedom.

    With creditors constantly breathing down your neck, debts can become a problem that infiltrates every aspect of your life. Filing for bankruptcy eliminates the possibility of debt collectors contacting you, and gives you the chance to clearly focus on your financial goals.

    Can I Save My House From Bankruptcy?

    Depending on your situation, saving your house from bankruptcy is certainly achievable. The best way to do this is by working with an attorney that specializes in these matters and is able to guide you through the process as a whole.

    By going through the details of your financial situation, it will be possible for a legal representative to determine the best way to save your home from bankruptcy. Whether this means setting up payment plans with Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or liquidating your assets with Chapter 7, getting financially stable is the first step in protecting your home from financial turmoil.

    Where Will My Bankruptcy Proceedings Be Handled If I Live In Burtonsville, MD?

    Bankruptcies must be filed at a United States Bankruptcy Court. In Montgomery County, bankruptcy filings are done through the Federal Courthouse in Greenbelt, MD at 6500 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770. For information about this court, you can call (301) 344-8018 or visit the website.

    Kindlund Legal LLC: Here To Help You Resolve Your Financial Challenges

    If you are living in Burtonsville, MD and need financial guidance, our firm is here to help.

    Whether you are in need of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney or a small business bankruptcy attorney, Kindlund Legal LLC has you covered. Our fierce dedication to our clients is what sets us apart from other Montgomery County bankruptcy law firms.

    Attorney Jillian Kindlund understands that every person’s financial situation is unique, which is why she makes it her priority to provide her clients with personalized legal services. This paves the way for tailored legal strategies that are effective and successful every time. No matter what your financial circumstances may be, Kindlund Legal LLC stands with you.

    If you are seeking a Burtonsville, MD bankruptcy attorney that will fight for your welfare, look no further than Jillian Kindlund. To get started with a case evaluation, please contact our firm today!

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