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  • Damascus Debt Relief – A Solution To The Problem No One Wants To Talk About

    Debt is a silent threat that haunts the businesses and homes of Damascus Maryland. Unlike the pandemic, whose role in causing the spike in debt is undeniable, this plague isn’t making the daily news. Instead, debt quietly gnaws at the livelihoods, homes, and businesses of too many residents, afraid to reach out for help.

    But debt relief is out there; attorneys like Jilliand Kindlund are helping residents find solutions ranging from debt settlements, consolidations, or negotiations, to the ultimate option, bankruptcy.

    But both debt and bankruptcy are words that carry a lot, arguably far too much, emotional weight, to the point where people are afraid to talk about their problems or reach out to get help.

    We Don’t Talk About Debt In Damascus Maryland

    Many Damascus residents would argue we strike the perfect balance between rural life and proximity to urban centers here. Indeed, life is pretty great, at least on the surface. We have our fair in the fall, and while few families consider themselves rich, only a small percentage live under the poverty line.

    But while we might be happy to chat with our neighbors about baseball or the weather, we wouldn’t dream of discussing our anxieties about piling up credit card debt, or the medical bills left unanswered in a drawer. Yet if we did we might discover that our neighbor is also facing more debt than they can handle. Indeed, debt problems are far more common than we might assume.

    This social stigma, even shame, associated with unbridled debt, is one of the many barriers that exist against finding solutions to the problem. And it is a barrier that debt relief attorneys like Jillian Kindlund are working to undermine in her quest to help Maryland residents.

    Debt Relief. How Does It Work? And Who In Damascus Is Eligible For It?

    As debt can come in many forms, so can debt relief. Debt can build up slowly over the years and decades until we find ourselves drowning in it; it can arrive suddenly, with an illness or loss of a job; and it can even be inherited, or discovered in a divorce. Debt relief can similarly take on many forms, but they all start with one crucial step, reaching out to a specialized and experienced attorney.

    While bankruptcy is a debt relief option for many, it is one too few are keen to pursue. Luckily it is not the only solution available. With the help of a debt relief attorney, Damascus residents can seek out other solutions, such as debt settlement. These solutions, not as drastic as bankruptcy, may not provide quite the same level of relief but might come at a lower cost, and be available for a wider range of debt-related problems.

    What Distinguishes Debt Settlement From Bankruptcy?

    Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which a good chunk of your debts can be forgiven, debt settlement strikes a middle ground. By negotiating with your creditor, your debt settlement or consolidation attorney can help you reduce the amount you have to pay or come to some other mutually beneficial arrangement.

    Debt settlement can be less disruptive to your life than bankruptcy and certainly wouldn’t come with the same stigma. That said, for those who need it, bankruptcy should still be envisaged, and we should start treating it as the beneficial protection that it is, rather than a shameful or stigmatized step. That said, it should not either be considered an automatic, easy, or simple solution to every drastic debt situation.

    After all, bankruptcy can offer individuals or businesses serious relief from many forms of debt, including many medical debts or credit card debts, both of which are some of the most commonly faced by Damascus, MD, residents. Bankruptcy, however, is not automatic, nor is it free, and it is best navigated with the help of experienced and empathetic attorneys like Kindlund Legal LLC’s Jillian Kindlund.

    Providing Effective And Empathetic Debt Relief In Damascus Maryland

    As part of her law firm’s program to help make debt relief more accessible and less stigmatized, Jillian Kindlund offers free initial consultations online. Through these simple video calls, she knows how to put her clients at ease and inform them of their options in this difficult situation.

    Having herself gone through the challenge of covering years of cancer treatment medical bills, Kindlund has turned her decades of legal expertise in debt relief and bankruptcy law to the service of communities like Damascus and others in Maryland.

    Everyone deserves to understand and access their rights to debt relief, which has to start with talking, at last, about the problem.

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