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  • Considering Bankruptcy In Alexandria, VA

    Get The Support You Need At Kindlund Legal, LLC

    If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed – but you’re not alone. Countless people file for bankruptcy every single year.

    At Kindlund Legal, LLC, we are proud to support individuals across Alexandria, Virginia, and the greater Arlington County Area as a resource for anyone in need of an expert bankruptcy law attorney.

    You Don’t Have To Feel In The Dark About The Road Ahead

    One of the greatest challenges that many people face before choosing whether or not to file has to do with not knowing what to expect. It makes sense – bankruptcy law is incredibly complex.

    This is why our firm prioritizes you throughout each step of the way. From your free initial consultation, we will take every opportunity to clearly explain the bankruptcy process and address all of your questions.

    Bankruptcy Protections Are Here For Everyone

    Federal law offers bankruptcy protection to any person or business who is unable to repay their outstanding and continuous debts. Bankruptcy starts when you file a bankruptcy petition with the federal court. Then, the work begins to assess whether your debts and assets qualify you for the chapter protections you seek. Depending on what chapter of bankruptcy you file will determine how your debts are repaid.

    Wondering If Bankruptcy Is Right For You?

    Choosing to file bankruptcy is no small decision. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy but are not completely sure if it is the right move for you, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Are you unemployed or underemployed?
    • Do you have a serious medical condition that will cost a lot of money to treat?
    • Do you have health insurance?
    • If you do not have health insurance, do you have medical bills that keep piling up?
    • Are you underwater in your home (do you owe more than the house is worth)?
    • Are your interest rates extremely high?
    • Has your spouse passed away and you are surviving on only one income?
    • Do you have an excessive amount of credit card debt and cannot get ahead?
    • Are you about to have your house foreclosed on?

    If any or several of these scenarios can be applied to you, then you may be eligible for relief by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and should consult a bankruptcy law attorney.

    We Can Help You Decide Between A Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Filing

    Choosing which chapter to file is one of the most important aspects of your case. Because the laws can be so confusing, it’s often difficult to point out which chapter will provide you with the greatest benefit, while reducing your exposure to any of the negative impacts that you might face.

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process through which a debtor’s non-exempt assets are liquidated (sold) by a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee to satisfy their creditors. Typically, once the non-exempt assets have been liquidated, the rest of the qualifying debt is forgiven.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Jillian Kindlund has been practicing in this area of the law for years. She is expertly familiar with Chapter 7 procedures and can help you find the greatest exemptions available to you.

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process through which a debtor creates a repayment plan that is completed over the course of three to five years. Often, this allows the debtor to “settle” their debts at a fraction of the overall cost.

    As your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, Jillian Kindlund is prepared to help you through this process. From filing to resolution, you can be confident that you are in the care of a seasoned professional.

    Let Us Help You Move Toward Debt Relief

    Kindlund Legal, LLC has helped countless clients just like you get on the path to financial wellness. Whether you are looking for a small business bankruptcy attorney, or you are ready to file today – our team is here to help.

    If you live in Alexandria, VA, and are ready to get started, please don’t hesitate to contact our firm and schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. Our team is standing by, ready to help you find the relief you need today.

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