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    Money issues are often especially taxing on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being compared to other daily problems. Being at insurmountable odds with loans and debt can even seem helpless for someone who doesn’t know the legal options available to them. Only with the assistance of an experienced debt and bankruptcy lawyer will you have the best chances at optimal debt relief. A debt relief attorney will meet with you and discover your specific circumstances to achieve optimal debt relief.

    At Kindlund Legal LLC, we understand that a client-focused approach is necessary to achieve satisfactory results. Understanding the unique details of your financial situation is vital to evaluating your options accurately. That is why Kindlund Legal LLC takes its time to get to know every one of our clients. Jillian Kindlund has been practicing law for over 27 years and has since come to appreciate the value of avoiding “cookie-cutter” bankruptcy planning methods. These methods are typically seen at large practices, better known as bankruptcy mills, that advertise on a large scale offering low-cost lawyers who may not even consider your documents until hours before your hearing. Bankruptcy mills have unfortunately become a standard route for uninformed consumers. As you would expect, the results of a poorly planned bankruptcy can be devastating for individuals and families.

    Utilize An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Filing for bankruptcy involves many steps, including validating your debts, communicating with creditors, negotiating, and settling the debt. Our firm will also defend you against a potential lawsuit from any creditors that may seek to pressure you. It is often quite intimidating to face these steps alone, especially when negotiating with companies demanding payment from you. For this reason, it’s always vital to have an expert in bankruptcy law speaking on your behalf. Our debt negotiation lawyer will use their years of knowledge and experience practicing negotiation to win you the best debt settlement possible.

    Debt settlement companies will often claim they can settle your debts for an affordable price. However, pursuing debt settlement with a debt settlement company carries significant risks that you should be aware of before agreeing. These risks include the possibility of receiving no qualified attorney support whatsoever. Many of these companies employ untrained staff members to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. That’s not a risk you should be willing to take. In addition, if you end up in a lawsuit, a debt settlement company will be nowhere to be found for support. If you chose Kindlund Legal LLC to resolve your debts, we could defend you in court if a creditor sues you. Not to mention, following many other programs can actually harm your credit score rather than protect it.

    Compared to a debt settlement company or filing for bankruptcy alone, you will be securing your financial security in numerous ways. Not only will we be able to stand up to potential lawsuits, but we will go the extra mile in explaining and advising you on every legal option at your disposal. We care about supporting the residents of Arlington, MD, and surrounding areas and view our clients as human beings that deserve options. Ultimately, our debt consolidation lawyer will empower you to protect your future.

    What Else Can Kindlund Legal LLC Do For You?

    The many benefits included in our service include robust documentation of all legal files and pertinent information. Since bankruptcy is about minimizing debt, you must prove that you cannot pay the owed amount. It’s best to document anything that would help your case, including the details of your assets, credits, debts, and proof of credit counseling.

    Kindlund Legal LLC will engage in ongoing discussions on your case from the very beginning. We will always keep you updated on what to expect, providing information and peace of mind. We will also attend to complex paperwork on your behalf and communicate with debt collectors for you.

    The scenarios in which you may need our support vary. You may have incurred unexpected medical bills or had another kind of life-altering emergency. Or, perhaps you require a credit card debt relief lawyer. You may even need an attorney to settle debt from a second mortgage. No matter what financial circumstances you have found yourself in, Kindlund Legal LLC will be able to offer its specialized bankruptcy support. The best attorney for bankruptcy law at our firm in Arlington, MD, has focused entirely on bankruptcy, fighting debt collections, and debt relief for over 27 years. Please take full advantage of a complimentary consultation to see what else we can do for you here at Kindlund Legal LLC.

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