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  • Bankruptcy Expert Jillian Kindlund Is Serving Cabin John, MD

    Jillian Kindlund is a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney serving the Maryland community for over 27 years. Based in Cabin John, she provides expert legal assistance to individuals and families facing financial difficulties, including foreclosure, divorce, and consumer debt. With her deep understanding of bankruptcy law, Jillian Kindlund offers her clients practical solutions and peace of mind. You can be confident that she will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.

    Maryland Bankruptcy Law

    Debt can be a heavy burden, but there is hope for relief if you have an experienced Maryland debt and bankruptcy lawyer on your side. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to create a repayment plan approved by the court. This can be a good option for people who have a stable income. For individuals who do not have a steady income or who wish to eliminate unsecured loans, credit card debts, or medical bills, chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the best choice.

    Don’t File Unrepresented By A Debt Negotiation Lawyer

    There is no shame in admitting that you need help to get through tough financial times. Collaborating with a bankruptcy law attorney is the wisest step you can take in the process of filing for bankruptcy. These professionals can help save you stress and money in the long run by ensuring that your case is handled correctly from start to finish. Not only that, but an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is necessary for negotiating with insurance companies, who will stop at nothing to avoid paying you.

    Chapter 13

    There are a lot of reasons why people file for bankruptcy. For some, it’s because they have too much debt and can’t afford to repay it. Others may have experienced a significant financial setback, such as a job loss or medical emergency.

    Are you considering bankruptcy? Chapter 13 may be a good option for you, but you can only find out after speaking to a bankruptcy expert. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for people with a regular income source and who can afford to repay some of their debts. Usually, clients of a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer need help to reorganize their debts into an affordable repayment plan.

    This type of bankruptcy allows you to create a repayment plan to address your outstanding debts over three to five years. To get all the details on your potential payment plan, speak to a qualified chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

    Chapter 7

    There are many benefits to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, especially for those who wish to get rid of as much debt as possible. This type of bankruptcy is meant to give individuals and businesses the opportunity for a fresh start. So, whether you are a single individual who racked up too much credit card debt or a sole proprietor who requires a small business bankruptcy attorney, Kindlund legal is equipped to advise you on your chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Although a chapter 7 bankruptcy requires the completion of numerous forms and the meticulous documentation of records, the length of the process is worth it for many people. Just be sure to work with a qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney to avoid getting into trouble.

    Don’t worry about completing long and complicated forms, meeting deadlines for filings, or organizing all your paperwork. Let a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer help you and make the entire process easier. Kindlund Legal has helped many people and small businesses through financial crises, and we can do the same for you, no matter how big or small your debt might be.

    You Won’t Lose Everything

    One common misconception about bankruptcy is that declaring it will mean you lose all your possessions. However, this is not the case when liquidating the debtor’s assets. In reality, federal and state laws protect certain assets in bankruptcy proceedings. This means creditors can’t take specific assets away from you.

    The amount and types of exempt assets vary from state to state. In Maryland, a small amount of the value of your home will be exempt. Be advised that your vehicle is not exempt from bankruptcy in Maryland.

    When considering what properties have legal exemptions from bankruptcy, there are many specific details to review, so it is critical to seek a consultation with a credit card debt relief lawyer who knows what they are doing.

    Free Complimentary Consultation

    At Kindlund Legal, our experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you get your finances back on track. We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation and work with you to develop the best possible payment plan.

    Let’s work together to come up with actionable steps toward financial recovery. We offer a complimentary case evaluation, so take advantage of the legal expertise at our Cabin John bankruptcy law firm.

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